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Our work methodology

What do we do?

After you contact us, we'll arrange a free appointment with the purpose of informing you of the best and cheapest way to carry out the job and to prepare an estimate.

At Quantum, we like to treat our clients kindly, but also to speak clearly and directly.

The Quantum team will analyse your case and will find the quickest, most efficient and least expensive way to achieve the best results.

Every investigation is carried out by our own detectives, or by associates, which guarantees confidentiality and professional secrecy.

Every commission is summarised in a contract signed by us and our client, where the objective, timeframe and budget for the investigation are clearly stated. This ensures that the detectives can carry out their work in a legal manner.

During the investigation we will be in permanent contact with you, so you are always up to date regarding the state and scope of the said investigation. This communication will be carried out at the time and by the means you prefer.

Once the investigation is finished, we will prepare a report in accordance with the law on private security and under license No. 3399 that enables us to practice our profession.

The report will summarise the daily activities and the conclusions drawn from that, and it will include any supporting material obtained, such as videos or other documents. The report will be given to the client who may, if they deem it necessary, take it to Court as evidence. In addition to this, the detective in charge of the investigation may declare before the judge regarding the veracity of the report's contents.